The Montessori Method is something else that came into my life with the advent of parenthood. On the whole, it doesn’t have a very big profile in the UK (where I live). I first came across it in the US, the son of a friend of ours was attending a Montessori school. That’s what peaked my interest. Since Little Bean turned one I have been reading a lot about Montessori and I have discovered it’s a wonderful, respectful, child-led, holistic method for facilitating learning. However, Montessori is so much more than a philosophy for education (although it is one we intend to use when homeschooling Little Bean), it has become a philosophy for living. Hopefully you are interested in knowing more because below I have collected together some links to sites that I found helpful in my search to find out more.

Living Montessori Now has a helpful post with some basic Montessori principles and another one with lots of links about the prepared environment for a toddler.

The Kavanaugh Report has a post about their Montessori playroom and a couple of posts about what Montessori might look like with a toddler, see here and here.

A recently added blog post at Natural Beach Living gives a good overview of the theory behind Montessori.

Our Montessori Home has a great post on the Montessori lifestyle.

Peace, Nat.

3 thoughts on “Introducing…..Montessori

  1. After discovering Montessori Ive realised I’ve been doing most of it all along. Its so natural isnt it? Now when I go to childrens settings in the UK I feel they are very Montessori inspired we just dont get told it is. I hope to raise my new baby in the style.


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