On Our Shelves this Week

This week we have four works out on the shelves. Ideally I would have a lot more than this, but hey, you work with what you got. I hope that by the middle of next year we will have a bit more space and be more into the swing of things. For now, however, we will do the best with what we have.  Little Bean is currently 21 months.

Sock Matching

I don’t have a picture for this (sorry!) but the title is pretty self explanatory. I took five pairs of (clean) socks and put them in a box. Little Bean then has fun going through them and matching them up. She has occasionally helped me do this when I have been sorting and folding clean laundry and I would really like her to be able to do it by herself, not least because that would be a real help! So far with this work, she has mostly enjoyed trying to put them on. Still good practical life skills though!

Finger Puppets

These are good for open ended imaginative play. They also require some skill in the fine motor department in order to get them on independently. And Little Bean loves them, as evidenced by her trying to pinch one! I think I got the pig and the llama off ebay and the gnome was bought at a craft stall at Woolfest. They are adorable.

Dot Stickers


Little Bean loves stickers! Again, she can’t help getting involved whilst I’m taking the photo. These are really simple coloured stickers which I think are supposed to be for labelling things. A good fine motor activity that Little Bean will happily do by herself. Sometimes the stickers even end up on the paper…

Colour Tablets

Little Bean is still really interested in colours and has now started describing objects solely by their colour. Example – Mummy points at a blue pig and say’s “what’s this?”, Little Bean replies “blue.” So, I thought I would pull these out and give them another try. The idea is for Little Bean to sort them into matching pairs (see here and here for more information) however she prefers for me to line up one set and then call out each colour for her to find. I’m OK with that, I let her use the materials how she wishes. And you have to remember, she is not even two yet.

These tablets are homemade, with the help of my lovely husband. See my post DIY Montessori Materials – Colour Tablets for the tutorial.

And that’s it at the moment! As always I will change things as Little Bean gets bored of them. And that reminds me, last week I said Little Bean never tires of her little box of musical instruments. Well…she did! I thought I would never get that space for something new 🙂

Peace, Nat

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