DIY Montessori Materials – Colour Tablets

Traditional Montessori materials can be expensive, especially some of the sensorial materials. This is partly because they are built to be handled by lots of little people and as such need to be very durable. I have one little person, so our materials don’t need to have the endurance of a superhero. I hope to be able to buy some of the materials (see this post at Living Montessori Now to see her recommendations on which sensorial materials to buy) but, with a limited budget and a crafty inclination, I will be making some of our materials as and when we need them. With Little Bean’s recent interest in colours I thought I would have a go at making some colour tablets. I will try to write a post soon with some more information about colour tablets but for now, here is how I made our colour tablets.

The first thing I did was ask my lovely husband to cut a cherry tree branch into several narrow pieces. Try to keep them roughly the same size and shape. I then smoothed off any rough edges, first with a pair of scissors then with sandpaper. I also pulled off any loose pieces of bark whilst leaving them as bark-covered as possible.


I gathered enough wood pieces to have two for each colour. In the images I am just making colour tablets for the secondary colours – green, purple and orange. Little Bean had completely mastered Colour Box 1 (red, blue and yellow) and I didn’t want to introduce the eleven colours from Colour Box 2 all at once. Hence we have here just the secondary colours.

So, to add the colour to my six pieces of wood I used free paint sample cards I found at a large hardware store, again two for each colour.


I traced around each piece of wood onto the back of one of the cards, then cut them out.


A generous helping of wood glue and some pressing and hey presto, homemade colour tablets! They’re not perfect (and probably not great for kiddos still putting things in their mouth) but they were free and they do the job. And they have a nice woodsy feel which makes me happy 🙂



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