On Our Shelves this Week

Sorry, no pictures yet but I will try to get those up asap. I am the most disorganised person I know, and I have gone and lost the cable to connect my phone to the laptop. Argh! However, pictures or no, I wanted to share what will be on Little Bean’s Montessori shelves this week. Again, just four activities this week. Little Bean is 21 months old, but only for one more week!

Cover the Stars Dot Sticker Activity

Last week we had dot stickers out on the shelves with a plain piece of paper. Little Bean was on it and quickly mastered this activity, then got bored of it. In fact by the end of the week, I think my mum’s dog was covered in more stickers than the paper. So, to increase the challenge a little, I drew little stars all over the paper and the goal is for her to cover each star with a sticker. This requires more control over those fine motor muscles (which will eventually be used for writing) and a bit of added interest, Little Bean loves stars! When I presented this activity, Little Bean took to it straight away. Happy days!

Spooning Rice

This is a simple activity and a classic from Montessori world. Two small dishes, one with rice, and a child sized spoon are all that are required. Ideally I would use chickpeas, as they are a little bigger, but I’m a bit paranoid about Little Bean putting them in her mouth and choking. Hopefully, she will spoon the rice from one dish to the other. I have a suspicion that it will be dumped on the floor but we’ll have a go and see.

Finger Puppets

The llama and the gnome from last week have gone walkabout so I have replaced these finger puppets with some plastic Hey Duggee characters. They are not as pretty but I know Little Bean will love them.

Still on our shelves – homemade colour tablets.

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