On Our Shelves this Week

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Here are the activities that have been out on the shelves this week. Little Bean is 22 months old.

Colander and Pipe Cleaners Fine Motor Activity

I was looking for a new fine motor activity to put out on our shelves. Little Bean is usually quite attracted to anything fiddly but, understandably, she can lose interest quickly if it’s too fiddly. I remembered trying this with her a few months ago, clearly far too soon because it was too difficult for her. I thought I’d give it another try and this time round….success! She has enjoyed poking the pipe cleaners through the holes and pulling them out the other side. Little Bean also quite liked wearing the pipe cleaners! At one point she realised there were two pink pipe cleaners, she started shouting “same, same!” She laid them down next to each other and had a look to see if she could find any other matching pairs. I had put two in of each colour, so she was able to lay them all down in pairs. She was very excited by this, and I was very excited at her self-initiated matching work!

Ripping Paper

I got this idea from The Kavanaugh Report and I thought Little Bean would love it. She actually much preferred scrunching the paper into balls. I guess it’s just her books she enjoys ripping!


Explorative/Imaginative Play with Schleich Animals

These are a new addition to our household. One which Little Bean and I are very excited about! Schleich animals are beautiful, very realistic, nice and robust and a wonderful learning tool. They are so versatile and you will find no end of activity ideas in the blogosphere. She got a lot of different farm animals but I just put three out on the shelf for her to explore, a cow, a pig and a sheep. Often,some of the other animals end up joining them 🙂 We have had a lot of fun with these, they have been fed, gone to sleep, woken up and walked all over our legs. We have also had conversations about different parts of the animals, like the hooves, snouts, tails, etc.


Matching Socks

The socks are back on the shelves! I had gathered a pile of socks from the laundry and I asked Little Bean if she would like to match them up. Next thing I knew, she had picked out a little box, put them all inside and put the box on the shelf. I thought I would leave it there and see what happened and she went back to it later and matched them all up. So now what I have been doing is rotating the socks around, when I do a wash the socks go on the shelf for her to match and the socks they are replacing go back in the drawers. This seems to be working well.

That’s what we have been doing this week. Little Bean has also been doing lots of construction with the wooden railway and lots of fine motor peeling work, mostly peeling the labels off crayons. It’s too hard for any little person to resist a good crayon label!

Peace, Nat


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