On Our Shelves this Week (for last week!)

Phew, it’s been a hectic few days! Writing up a couple new posts has been on my to do list for a while now, along with about 500 other things! I’m sure we all have days (or weeks) like that. So, this post is coming a bit late. These are the works that were out on the shelves for Little Bean last week. She is 22 months old.

Frog Stacker

This lovely wooden stacker was one of the first things I had on the shelves for Little Bean. Back then she was really focused on the fine motor control required to get the rings on the pole. Now she can do that without even looking. However, she is fascinated with the different sizes and trying to get them in the right order. It’s still quite trial and error at the moment but I can hear the little cogs working!

Crayon Peeling


In true Montessori fashion I followed the child and placed this work on the shelf. You may recall in my last post I mentioned that Little Bean was enjoying peeling the labels off crayons. Well, it’s great fine motor work and obviously something that she is wanting to work on so I put some in a little pot and provided another pot for the rubbish. She usually asks me to start one off for her, which I do, then she gets to it! A proper finger workout! And the most popular work on the shelf.

Still on our shelves: pipe cleaner and colander, sock matching and Schleich animals.

Peace, Nat

P.S. This post is linked with Montessori Monday at Living Montessori Now!

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