On Our Shelves this Week

We have had a pretty good week this week. Some weeks Little Bean completely ignores the shelves. Either she’s focused on other things, like gross motor skills, or maybe the works are too challenging, or maybe she’s just plain not interested. Whatever the reason it can be discouraging. But then you have a week like we’ve had and it more than makes up for it! Little Bean has really engaged with the works this week, the right works at the right time and you have…..magic. She is currently 22 months and this is what has been on our shelves this week.

Nesting Cups

Extending from Little Beans exploration of sizes with the stacking toy last week, I decided to put these nesting cups on our shelves. I bet most parents have something like this in their house! Little Bean has been enjoying trying to figure out how to get them all fitting inside each other (I bet she would love a russian doll!). They also stack really nicely, so that’s been a fun activity too.

Hair Brushing Tray


A little practical life tray for a bit of care of self practice. Little Bean loves using the hairbrush and always asks to have a turn when I’m brushing her hair. Now she can have a go whenever she likes! I added the hair band for a bit of added interest.

Find the Colour Game


Inspired by some of the activities I’ve seen using language objects, I put together a simple game to reinforce colour recognition. I will write up a separate post about this on Monday.

Still on our shelves: crayon peeling

Peace, Nat

2 thoughts on “On Our Shelves this Week

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  2. Pingback: On Our Shelves this Week – Living with my Little Love

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