Find The Colour Montessori Inspired Game for Toddlers

This simple yet fun little game has been on our shelves for a week and a half now and Little Bean is loving it. It is inspired by some of the activities I have seen around the blogosphere using language objects (wildflower ramblings has a great post with information about language objects and some activity ideas).


Little Bean is definitely in the middle of a sensitive period to colours. She loves to point out what colour things are, matching up things which are the same colour and sometimes names things purely by their colour, like red is a noun! When she is pointing out colours she gets it right 90% of the time, so I thought it would be a good time to reinforce all this learning that she has been doing before I start adding new colours. Inspired by several “I Spy” games I have seen using language objects, I put together a little box of objects, each one a different colour, for a game of colour I Spy. So far, I have only introduced her to the primary and secondary colours, so only six objects in the box.


I say, “Can you find me in this box, something the colour….red?” Then she picks out the red object. We put it to the side and carry on through the colours until we get to the last one, then I ask her to name it. Its really that simple!


If you need to make things a bit trickier, once they have identified all the colours and all the objects are pulled out, you could ask them “can you find something in this room that is…yellow?” And work through all the colours. This broadens the search area, gives them a bit extra moving around time and incorporates a colour matching/sorting element. You could even provide coloured card or mats for them to sort the objects onto (I’m working on some wet-felted ones at the moment, I’ll let you have a peek when I’m done).

Peace, Nat


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