Learning to Use the Toilet – Part 2

The shelf work has been so popular that I haven’t changed anything this week! So instead of the usual On Our Shelves post I thought I would bring you part two in our toilet learning journey.

I ended the last post with Little Bean back in nappies. Well, the nappies remained for at least a couple months. This was a nice, taking a breath time for us both. Then something happened that would change everything….Little Bean saw her big cousin using a potty! Now, when I say big cousin, I only mean a whole four months bigger. But cousin had been using the potty for a couple of weeks and was, by the time of our visit, starting to get the hang of it. Almost instantly after watching her cousin use the potty like a pro, Little Bean decided it made perfect sense and that she would do a wee in the potty too. And that was it! Suddenly it all clicked, or she had the extra motivation or something, and using the potty seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I owe a lot to that big cousin.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we didn’t go from nappies to a perfectly trained toiletter overnight. We had a lot of accidents in the week following. But the main thing was…she actually thoroughly understood what the potty was for and how it was relevant to her nappyless life! Bingo!

So for maybe two weeks we had lots of accidents (and lots of washing for Mama) but we also had lots of pees and poos in the potty. Pretty soon I switched to a toilet seat (I managed to find quite a high step in Ikea to help her up to the toilet and the sink). She seemed to prefer sitting on the big toilet. I prefer her using the toilet too, no more washing the potty! We used pants at home during the waking hours and nappies at night, but I still didn’t have the confidence to have her in pants when we were out. I felt something verging on terror at the thought of puddles on the supermarket floor and didn’t like the idea of having to wash the car seat cover (as if I haven’t had to wash that thing enough times already!). For our outings I did something I had vowed never to do…I put her in pull ups. Sometimes we just need to go back on our secret inside promises in order to stay sane. Or at least to appear on the outside like we have some sanity left!

I will share Part 3 of our journey soon, check out this post for Part 1.

Peace, Nat



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