Art and Craft Activities for Toddlers – September

I’ve been trying to do a planned baking activity and a planned art/craft activity with Little Bean every week. The baking is not going so well. I try to love baking, I can see all the benefits of baking with kids and I really want to be able to just share the experience with Little Bean but, no matter how hard I try, I’m just. Not. A. Baker. Then there is the mess afterwards which I can’t stand. However, I hope to do some baking with her and hopefully we can get into some sort of a groove. If anyone has any tips I would love you for them!


Being inclined towards the crafty, I haven’t had any problems motivating myself to do some artsy activities with Little Bean. This is a look at what we have been up to this month.

Painting with Cardboard Tubes


This was fun, simple and costs next to nothing! I set out a plate with some paint on (we only have orange and blue for some reason!) and cut a cardboard tube in half. I used one half tube for each colour. I showed Little Bean how to dip the tubes in the paint then press it on the paper. This was her first non-paintbrush painting experience and she did pretty well. After she finished with the tubes she enjoyed using her hands a little bit too. So squelchy!

Bubble Wrap Printing


I cut out a little piece of the bubble wrap and had Little Bean paint it with her paintbrush. I had to help with holding it down for her.



Then we worked together to press it down on a piece of paper.


This was our final result. You can see round the edges what I had envisioned it turning out like. I think maybe Little Bean had concentrated her painting efforts in one little spot, I could have spread that paint out a bit and it might of turned out better, but hey, it still kinda worked!

Painting on Tinfoil

I seem not to have got any pictures of this one, sorry! But it’s so simple, the name really sums it up. A lovely sensory experience, every time Little Bean used the paintbrush there was a very satisfying crinkly, crunchy tin foil noise. I think she enjoyed making the noises even more than she did painting! It was also fun painting on something shiny 🙂

Watercolour Pencils and Painting with Water

I was looking for something arty to do with Little Bean that would involve less mess and these lovely watercolour pencils were just the ticket.  I chose some autumnal colours and Little Bean chose some blues (she very much likes blue!). She did some drawing, lots of circles, lines and dots, then she painted over her drawings with water, leaving a beautiful, blendy, smudgy, colourful painting.

That’s it for this month. I promise to get better pictures next month!

Peace, Nat

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