On Our Shelves this Week

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I’m getting all autumnal. I’m enjoying the change that has happened over the last month, cold freshness when I step out the door, trees turning orange and the shops getting ready for Christmas (yes, I really do enjoy that!). And my autumnal joy is starting to show on the shelves. I wasn’t planning to do any themed works until next year, but I couldn’t help myself.

Little Bean is 23 months.

Leaf Ripping


I read recently that ripping is the first step in developing scissor skills (you can see the post at Pre-K Pages if you are interested). It certainly is a great activity for those famous fine motor muscles. And you don’t really think about how complex a movement ripping is until you watch a toddler trying to do it, trust me! As well as ripping the leaves, Little Bean has really enjoyed exploring them (there might have even been a bit of tasting going on, so if you decide to do this at home make sure to use leaves you know are definitely not poisonous!). She has spent a good deal of time just looking at them and we talked a bit about the different colours. It’s a bit like a nature table and a practical life work all in one!

Threading Beads


Ever so slightly autumn themed, I thought I would get these big, chunky beads out on the shelf. This is another good one for the fine motor muscles. Up until now, Little Bean has been using pipe cleaners to thread onto. The rigidity of them makes it slightly easier to pass them through the bead. Little Bean liked to put just one bead on each pipe cleaner and stop there. With this activity I have provided a wooden needle and a long lace, making it that little bit more complicated. I am also hoping she will thread all of the beads before stopping, but we will see.

DIY Felt Shape Matching Game


Little Bean has started pointing out different shapes, so to encourage that and help her put some names to these shapes I put together a simple shape matching game. I made a template for each shape (so they would definitely match!) and cut two of each shape out of felt. I kept them all the same colour and roughly the same size so that it would be clear she needed to match the shape. This is called isolation of quality (I think!), you can read more about that here. I need to add some more shapes, Little Bean is quite proficient at matching and can complete this with ease. After just a week with this material she can also correctly identify and name all four of these shapes, although she struggles with the pronunciation of triangle. Toddlers can come out with some cute variants!



This is a cute little solid wood helicopter from Hape which I have placed on the shelves for some open ended imaginative play.

Still on our shelves: Nesting Cups

Peace, Nat

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