On Our Shelves this Week

Autumn is definitely in full swing here, in fact it looks like winter might almost be upon us already! The trees are almost bare and that chilly winter wind is setting in. I have added another autumnal work to the shelves this week and I have plans for another one but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to justify the autumn theme. The spiders have started coming out to hunt before winter, which has peeked Little Bean’s interest, so I might switch to some spider themed works. Anyway, this is what is on our shelves this week. Little Bean is 23 months.

Transferring Leaves/One to One Correspondence

I used an egg box (not particularly attractive but it’s what I had on hand) and some wooden leaves that I found in Hobbycraft. Little Bean can work on her fine motor skills (that all important pincer grasp!) as she transfers the leaves by hand, at the same time as working on her concentration as she remains focused to complete the task. Little Bean is also working on one to one correspondence here, which means that she is learning that each item (in this case a leaf) is one thing.  I didn’t think Little Bean would be that enamoured with this work but I thought I would give it a try anyway. And actually she seems to enjoy it. She will put all the little leaves in the slots, pour them back and then start again. It makes me so happy!

Colour Tablets – Colour Box 2


Little Bean can now accurately name and identify all the primary and secondary colours. She has also started to say brown and pink so I thought I would bring in the rest of the colours from colour box 2. Now she is working with all 11 pairs of colours, matching up each pair. I printed of this set from Montessori Print Shop (colour matching cards, they are free!) and laminated them. She gets a little overwhelmed when presented with all 22 cards so we play a little game together. I lay out one of each colour in front of her and hold the rest in my hand. I hand her one of my colours at a time and let her find the matching one. When Little Bean is confident matching them all up on her own I will use the three period lesson to teach/reinforce names of the colours.

Still on our shelves: nesting cupsleaf ripping

We also still have the felt shape matching from last week but I have added rectangles and ovals. And the threading beads are still out but with a lot more beads added, I mean a LOT more!

Bonus tray – Autumn Nature Tray


We have a bonus tray this week! I say bonus because it’s not actually on the shelves on account of it’s chokeability (apparently that’s not a word, but I’m sure you know what I mean) so it sits in the living room and Little Bean can have an explore while she is supervised. We were out walking back from one of Little Bean’s groups and she picked up a few things and wanted to take them home. An autumn leaf, a rosehip and a (much crumpled) rose petal. Nature trays and tables are common in Montessori settings, as well as other progressive education settings, so I thought I would start the tradition in our home as well. I put them on a little tray (well, the lid from a shoe box) and added her magnifying glass in case she wants to take a closer look.

Peace, Nat


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