Spider Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers (and On Our Shelves This Week)

Phew! That last weekend there was epic. Little Bean turned two on Sunday (how quickly the time passes!) and to celebrate we had not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties. That may seem like overkill, but let me explain. On account of the diminutive nature of our flat we just don’t have the space to have all of Little Bean’s special people over at once, so we spread them over three days instead. It was lots of fun and we had a great weekend, but it also took a lot of planning, time and energy. Hence the reason you haven’t heard from me in a while. But here is a look at a little something we have been doing.

Spider Fine Motor Activity

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are starting to move away from a slightly autumnal theme towards some spider based activities, as both the seasons and Little Beans interests shift. All the big spiders have been coming out to hunt before winter takes hold, and Little Bean has found these leggy creatures fascinating. She also loves to sing Incy Wincy Spider. So we made our own Incy Wincy inspired byΒ this post.



First I opened out a cereal box and, using a bowl as a template, drew and cut out two decent sized circles.


Little Bean was able to help me out with this next part, sorry about the blurry action shot! We didn’t have any black paint, so we mixed blue and orange to make a dark brown and then Little Bean painted both circles.


She also used the same colour to paint the front and back of eight pegs.


Once all the paint had dried I used some PVA to glue the two circles together (painted side facing out, of course). The card had warped slightly after being painted so I used the pegs to hold the two pieces of card together.


Using some scraps of white and black felt, I cut two circles of each colour to make some eyes. I stuck these down with the PVA too.


Once the glue has dried you can draw on a wee smile and eight dots to show the placement of the pegs and you are done! Using pegs is great for strengthening little hands and helps to develop that crucial pincer grip needed for writing (and so many other activities!). You will often find pegs in the practical life area of many Montessori settings for precisely this reason, and because they are so darn useful. Having to place the pegs on a dot adds an extra challenge, as Little Bean, who’s a bit of a peg pro, has been finding out πŸ˜‰

Note: As soon as Little Bean was presented with this activity she peeled off the eyes *sigh* I should have seen it coming really, she loves to peel. If you have a toddler who loves to peel and you would like your spider to remain complete, you might want to draw the eyes on instead.

Also on our shelves this week: crayon peeling (I got the hint), felt shape matching game, threading beads, nesting cups, colour matching cards (you can see my previous posts for details about these).

Peace, Nat

P.S. This post is linking withΒ Montessori MondayΒ and A Little Bird Told Me!




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