On Our Christmas Shelves

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Well, things are certainly getting busy around here, as I’m sure they are for you too. Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year though. Lots of sweet treats, yummy smells and sparkling lights. And knowing that a special family time is just around the corner. It’s also exciting as this will be Little Bean’s first proper Christmas. Last year she had a right rotten cold and was miserable, like the going to the emergency GP because we thought it was something more serious type cold! She had only just turned one and wasn’t that clued into what was going on anyway. This year is a whole different matter! She is so excited every time she sees a Christmas tree and has enjoyed making Christmas cards and wrapping presents. It has been delightful. The past couple of weeks I have been introducing some Christmas themed works to our shelves.

Little Bean is two (and one month) old.

Nativity Nesting Dolls


This has been by far the most used work on our shelves. Toddlers are in a sensitive period for order while they try to make sense of the world, and I think this really hits the spot! It’s been wonderful to see Little Bean so focused on a work, this has taken a lot of concentration. She spent about a week trying to figure out the right order and even though she now consistently gets it right she is still enjoying working with them. This set is good for a toddler because each doll is a different character, providing a cue for the right order. I’m pretty sure she has it memorized! (I can’t find this same set on Amazon but here is something similar – UK link/US link) The next step would be using identical nesting dolls.

Nativity Scene Open Play and Vocabulary Building


This little wooden set was bought on impulse one day when I was in the supermarket, one of my better impulse buys! It has been good for some open ended imaginative play and for exploring the nativity story a little bit. Also, as Little Bean’s favourite phrase at the minute is “what’s that?”, it has also been good for some vocabulary building.

Pouring Jingle Bells

This is a lovely little practical life work with an added sensory element, the bells make a nice christmassy jingle as they are poured from one container to the other. As an added bonus, this pouring work has a lot less mess potential than some others. Deb at Living Montessori Now also posted about pouring jingle bells, her set up is much more attractive than mine!


Colour Sorting with Pom Poms

This is a really simple one to set up. A bag of pom poms in christmas colours and some ramekins on a tray and you’re set. Little Bean sorts the three colours into the ramekins, she loves colours and she loves pom poms so this one is a hit!

Have a merry Christmas!


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