Montessori Plans for 2017 – The Toddler Years

Another year has descended upon us! I have never really understood all the fuss about new year but now, with a little person in my life, I feel like so much can change in a year. A year ago Little Bean had only just started walking, she was still quite wobbly on her feet. Now she runs, spins, jumps and pelts down the street on her balance bike. A year ago she had just started trying to talk and she only had a few words under her belt. Now Little Bean is having conversations with me, communicating her needs and enforcing her boundaries using words instead of using her teeth (ain’t that a relief!). These are the most obvious of many changes that have transformed my sweet baby girl into an energetic but still sweet toddler and I am so excited to see and experience what the coming year has for us.


This year I’m hoping to have a more considered approach to montessori. This means I’ll be taking a look at and re-evaluating our spaces and I’ll stop flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to the works that Little Bean has access to. I’m hoping to be able to give a lot of time to what I’m going to call “organic practical life”, that is practical life in the everyday. We’ll still have practical life works out on the shelves (see this post at Racheous for why practical life trays are important) but I would love to be able to incorporate her more into the everyday workings of our household.

I have some themes for Little Bean’s shelf works planned out for the next fews months. These are inspired by her interests, are mostly nature based and completely flexible, they could change if Little Bean’s interests change. The themes are really just to help me keep things fresh and interesting and so I can avoid feeling like I’m drowning in a sea of possibilities. The shelves will be home mostly to sensory, practical life and pre-reading works and there will be less focus on pre-maths and culture works. This is because of Little Bean’s age. I hope to be able to have a separate space for art. The themes as they stand at present for the coming months will be colours, vehicles, farm and spring. I have had a look at the Montessori Compass Scope and Sequence  to give me a guide as to what sorts of things toddlers in a montessori classroom might be up to (as well as having read a ton of blogs).

We are going to be moving house at some point in the first half of the year. This gives us a blank canvas when it comes to toddler friendly spaces! I really hope that as we begin to set up our new home we can think as much as possible about how Little Bean might use the space and what we can do to make it easier for her to do the things she wants to do. Plenty of low shelving is a must of course, to hold the work trays and I would like this to be in our most used room (I’m not a classroom person!) and, as I mentioned above, I would like to have a dedicated art space. A small table and chair would also be great, we do everything on the floor at the moment. I would like more dedicated space in the kitchen for Little Bean’s cooking and eating things as well as a space for a breakfast and snack station (like this one). In the bathroom I would like a low mirror and a little shelf for her things so she can grow in independence in care of self. Lastly, in her bedroom, I would love a cosy reading nook with some front facing bookshelves (in addition to some book baskets in the most used space, we like books 😊).

I’m sure there are some things which I have forgotten, but this seems enough to be getting on with anyway! I wonder if you have any plans for the coming year?

Peace, Nat

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