Intro to Colour Mixing – Science Explorations for Toddlers

That title is a bit of a mouthful. But the word explorations is really important, after all, that's what science really is, exploration and discovery. And why should big people have all the fun! Toddlers, although small in body, are big in curiosity so in my mind toddlers and science are a perfect fit. Whether …

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Baking Theme Fine Motor Play

All the toddlers I know love baking, Little Bean included. As well as having a totally scrumptious end product baking provides so many opportunities for learning. Unfortunately I don't love baking *sigh* but in that self sacrificial way of mothers everywhere I got over myself and decided a bit of baking was overdue! So we …

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Montessori Spaces – Kitchen Inspiration

I've started to think ahead to when we move. Mostly positive thoughts, some of sheer panic and some thoughts about how we might use the space, particularly how to make it Little Bean friendly. I said in an earlier post it's a bit like having a blank canvas prepared environment-wise, how exciting! The kitchen is probably …

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