Montessori Spaces – Kitchen Inspiration

I’ve started to think ahead to when we move. Mostly positive thoughts, some of sheer panic and some thoughts about how we might use the space, particularly how to make it Little Bean friendly. I said in an earlier post it’s a bit like having a blank canvas prepared environment-wise, how exciting! The kitchen is probably the room that I’m most excited about. I’m hoping that wherever we are next the kitchen will be bigger than the one we currently occupy, which is in our living room and made up of a two or three meter long worktop and sink with cabinets underneath and a cooker sitting next to it, not exactly ideal! I would really love for Little Bean to participate more in the food prep and to be able to get her own snacks and drinks but we have so little space and the entire area is carpeted, making clean up a bit of an issue! Needless to say, when I started thinking montessori spaces I immediately jumped to the kitchen. I’ve been looking for some inspiration from some of my favourite bloggers and here’s what I’ve come up with.

I love the drink and snack station from Three Minute Montessori. Scroll down a bit to find it.

And here’s another great drink and snack area from How We Montessori. I love the addition of the compost bucket and the little utensils for snack prep, it’s great having it all in one place. The water dispenser looks amazing too! You can also see her kitchen areas from three yearsfour years and five years.

There is a very cute and very practical kitchen set up over at The Kavanaugh Report.

Another very thoughtful and well laid out kitchen space at Eltern Vom Mars.

And lastly, I thought the little children’s herb garden at Montessori From The Heart was a great idea!

Are there any montessori kitchen spaces that have inspired you?

Peace, Nat

This post is linking up with Montessori Monday!

2 thoughts on “Montessori Spaces – Kitchen Inspiration

  1. mrsjasminechong

    Thank you Nat for mentioning my blog! Yr smelling bottle post caught my attention first and i was so thrilled to discover that you live in scotland! I spent some time in Edinburgh years back as a student, and would absolutely love to go back.


    1. You’re very welcome! You’re blog is great and you’re drink and snack station was one of the first I came across a couple months ago. It was part of what inspired me to think more about independence with food and drink, so when I started writing this post I knew I had to add it in!


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