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It’s been a hectic start to the year but things are now starting to settle down, ever so slightly. It’s time to try and get back into some semblance of normality when we can. So I’ve been trying to make sure I plan and organise some shelf works for Little Bean. With a house move in the next couple of months looking increasingly likely and still so much to do in preparation for that, this is a nice bit of normal in what is at the moment a bit of a crazy life! Thankfully I had planned for a bit of crazy and before Christmas I laid out some themes and noted some options for appropriate work, leaving more room in my brain for everything else! The theme this month is colours, that is all things colourful. It’s so nice at this time of year, when everything is still a bit grey and people are dressed in winter hues, to look up and see a shelf full of colour. I’m hoping it will also give me a bit of a push when it comes to art trays. I’m a bit phobic when it comes to sticky messes so, although I love art, I’ve been a bit inconsistent in allowing Little Bean to express herself in this way. This is something I really want to encourage in Little Bean and she absolutely loves it, so let the glue and paint flow!

Little Bean is two and three months.

Pasting with a Brush


With my new resolution to include more art in Little Bean’s life, I thought I would start us off with an art tray. I cut up some crepe paper into little squares and put these on a tray along with a brush and a clean, empty jar. I can put some glue in the jar when Little Bean wishes to work with this tray.

Sorting Objects by Colour


Just before Christmas Little Bean started to get more interested in sorting objects by colour. Here I have some felt sheets in the primary colours and some different objects from around the house to sort by colour. Objects are less abstract than pictures so are better for toddlers and I think Little Bean finds them a little bit more enticing. I did add some laminated pictures from the Colour Sorting Busy Bag, a free printable at Life Over C’s, as a sort of introduction to using pictures in her work. So far Little Bean has been loving this work, both the colour sorting aspect and rolling/unrolling the felt sheets. We don’t use rugs for floor work because of how tiny our rooms are so the rolling is a bit of a novelty and another skill she is more than happy to practice.

Here are some pics of sorting in action. You’ll notice in the first picture that Little Bean put the red balloon card on the blue felt. I am working really hard at not correcting her (it’s so hard!) and by the time of the second picture she had self corrected, such an important skill!

Grimms Rainbow


Our brand new Grimms Rainbow. This is just such a beautiful toy (the photo doesn’t do it justice at all!) and Little Bean is really enjoying building with it. Among her creations are houses, bridges, tunnels and…a hedgehog! Little Bean even combined this work with the colour sorting work, picking out the right colour arches to go on the felt. I got ours from myriad (non-affiliate link), in the states you can find it on Amazon.com. It’s more on the expensive side but worth every penny!



A colourful little glockenspiel that Little Bean got for Christmas, Little Bean loves to make music and this has been no exception.

Book – The Game of Red, Yellow and Blue by Herve Tullet


I’m going to start having books out on the work shelves, books that tie in with our theme. For last week and this week we have this fun little title, a simple book introducing a complicated concept, colour mixing. If Little Bean were a bit older, I could envision having little, coloured acetate shapes on a tray with this book to demonstrate colour mixing further. As it is, we just read the book together and don’t get too heavy about the colour mixing thing. We do enjoy the fun pictures though!

Peace, Nat

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