Baking Theme Fine Motor Play

All the toddlers I know love baking, Little Bean included. As well as having a totally scrumptious end product baking provides so many opportunities for learning. Unfortunately I don’t love baking *sigh* but in that self sacrificial way of mothers everywhere I got over myself and decided a bit of baking was overdue! So we made some cupcakes this morning and I surprised myself by actually enjoying it, but not quite as much as Little Bean did of course. Keen to continue the baking fun, I set up a baking themed fine motor play space.


I simply placed a bowl full of pom poms, an empty egg carton, some cupcake cases, tongs and a spoon on the floor and let her go wild. I also added a tray so things could be easily moved around and so Little Bean could keep things together after she had finished exploring.

She delighted in this activity and I can see it being played with again and again. That’s the beauty of open-ended play, the possibilities are endless. There are lots of opportunity for imaginative role-play here, along with pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination and hand strength development, exploration of early maths concepts such as one to one correspondence, counting, sorting and patterning, and some practical life transferring skills.

A mixture of loose parts would really add to this activity, as would some weighing scales for more maths fun. I used what I had, what would you add?

Peace, Nat

P.S. This post is linking up with Montessori Monday!

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