Montessori Spaces – Bedroom Inspiration

Do you remember me saying that we might be moving? Well, we did! It was a bit of a mad rush but we did it (and survived!). We have been in our new place for a week now and it’s great to have the extra space, inside and out. We still have boxes everywhere, literally, but the unpacking is providing an opportunity to have a good think about what we want to do with the spaces. The environment is so, so important in a montessori home and, although moving has been a HUGE upheaval, it is great to have a blank canvas to work with for our montessori spaces. First and foremost I want our spaces to be beautiful, peaceful and ordered, and to be promoting freedom, independence and learning. Here are some great posts I’ve come across when thinking about Little Bean’s bedroom.

  • Eltern Vom Mars has a great wardrobe setup, as well as links to some others.
  • Another great wardrobe post at How We Montessori.
  • Although not a bedroom, this beautiful room at Sew Liberated is definitely inspirational. I particularly love the DIY silk canopy, she gives instructions too.
  • Eloise at Frida Be Mighty gives a video tour of her little girl’s bedroom. I especially love the book cradle and waldorf inspired play frame. The shelves in this room are always filled with beautiful materials too.

Peace, Nat


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