Montessori Spaces – Bathroom Inspiration

We are continuing to think about the spaces in our home and how to make them work best for us. Our family bathroom is currently our biggest challenge, it’s small and quite narrow so I’m struggling with how to montessorify the place. But it’s such an important room in the house, so much self care goes on in there, so I will just have to struggle on! Here’s some links to some posts I’ve found while thinking about the bathroom.

This post from Three Minute Montessori  is great. She goes through a series of questions (from the Montessori challenge from Montessori Family) in the second half of the post. Her answers are really useful, as are the answers over at Frida Be Mighty. I think I will definitely be using these questions when thinking about our little bathroom.

How We Montessori share their bathroom setup.

And another great bathroom setup over at The Kavanaugh Report.

Anybody else have any ideas for me?

Peace, Nat


3 thoughts on “Montessori Spaces – Bathroom Inspiration

    1. Ah, thanks Carinerobin. When I read the post I skipped straight to the questions (my little one is already using the toilet so didn’t read that part) so I completely missed her reference to you! I’ll go back and do a bit of editing 😃


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