What We’re Reading – Montessori Friendly Books for Spring

Spring is definitely in full swing and isn’t it delightful. Flowers, new green leaves and busy animals abound, what’s not to love! Well, maybe the rain, we’ve definitely had more than enough of that. But, on those rainy days, what better than to snuggle up with a few good books. Here are some books about the season that we have been enjoying.


Taking us through the seasons, Nicola Davies’ A First Book of Nature beautifully blends poetry with fact, covering such topics as how rainbows are made, frog life cycles and bird migration, among many others. The poetic nature of the writing makes it very memorable, Little Bean often goes around mumbling recitations to herself 😄 (UK link/US link)

Seasons is a book from the Our World series by Belitha Press. It uses some lovely photos which Little Bean has really enjoyed looking at. Providing just the right amount of information about each of the seasons, it also looks at seasons in the poles and the tropics, migration and celebrating new year (I think this is discontinued but you can still get it used on Amazon – UK link/US link).

Seasons Turning by Mickelson Manning and Brita Granstrom is another book that combines fact with poetical text. Reading this is just like reading a story, there are facts at the side which you can be selective about depending on your little person’s age and interests (again discontinued I think – UK link/US link).

Bee by Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup. Little Bean, just like most kids, is fascinated with insects and other little crawly beasts. We have both loved this beautiful book that carries us along on a little bee’s very important journey. It has an informative and engaging narrative and lovely lyrical text accompanied by really stunning, detailed illustration. I can see this one becoming a firm favourite (UK link/US link).

Look Inside a Farm is part of a series of really fun and informative lift the flap books by Usborne. They have got loads of interesting details without being too overwhelming, making them a good fit for both toddlers and preschoolers. This one has a whole double spread dedicated to spring happenings so is a great addition at this time of year. It is also full of lots of words that were new to Little Bean so it’s been great for vocabulary building (UK link/US link).

This last book was one of my favourites! We were so sad when it had to be returned to the library! Little Farmer Joe is a heartwarming tale about a little boy who overcomes his fears through his compassion to another. The illustration is so lovely, realistic yet soft. I can’t recommend this book enough! (UK link/US link)

What have you been reading this Spring?

Peace Nat

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