What’s on Our Montessori Shelves – Spring

Spring is, I think, my favourite season. But then again, I say that about every season! Spring is pretty much on it’s way out over here, slowly giving way to summer, and it’s been great. We have really enjoyed watching the world come to life again, spotting all the new flowers and seeing all the busy animals. Gardening, pressing flowers, days at the beach and splashing in puddles have definitely  been highlights. During April our shelves were full of spring theme works, here’s a little look at what we got up to.

Little Bean is 2 years and 5 months.

Grimms Rainbow


April showers are often followed by rainbows. This Grimms rainbow is definitely a favourite (UK link/US link). Initiated by Little Bean, we also paired this up with our DIY Montessori colour tablets.

Dry Pouring Beans


I used pinto beans and two identical ramekins for this tray. This took literally five minutes to set up, if that.

“Cherry Blossom” Pipe Cleaner Tree


Sorry the photo isn’t great. For this beading work I got a bunch of brown pipe cleaners (both light and dark brown) and twisted them together in the middle to form the trunk of the tree. At one end I bent the pipe cleaners to form branches and at the other I wrapped them around a stone to weight the base. I then placed the stone end in a jar to provide stability. Throw in some pink and white beads in a dish and the tree is ready to be blossom-ified.

Garden Beads


Some garden themed beads to go along with all the gardening we have been doing. These beads are great because they are nice and chunky and they came with the wooden needle. They are from the Early Learning Centre but I think they have been discontinued.

Pasta Threading


Inspired by this post, I’ve wanted to give this a go for a while. I dyed the pasta using liquid watercolours (affiliate link) and ziplock bags, then left them to dry overnight. I used some yarn I had kicking about, adding some sellotape to the end as a kind of needle. You don’t see this in the picture but I also tied a bit of pasta to the other ends to act as a stopper. Then we made necklaces, as modelled below!


Ribbon Weaving


So the link between this and spring is tenuous at best, I was going for the whole May Day maypole thing. This is a wire cooling rack with some ribbons tied on so nothing fancy. I showed Little Bean how to weave the ribbons in and out of the wire then pretty much just let her get on with it. I don’t worry too much about her technique, she often will miss a few rungs but I don’t comment.

Yarn Wrapping Tulips


This idea is from School Time Snippets. I think she enjoyed this one, although it was often everything else in the room getting wrapped with yarn instead of the tulips!

DIY Sound Eggs


This was an idea I snatched from Counting Coconuts. I filled these with pasta, beads, a jingle bell, beans, rice and oats. These have been really fun, listening to and comparing the different sounds. Little Bean’s favourite by far was the jingle bell egg!

Mummy and Baby Animals


So much happened with these animals! These were used for imaginative play, for sorting into groups (big, little, mummy, baby), for mummy and baby matching and for some Montessori sound games. These Schleich animals (UK link/US link) are almost a constant out on our shelves, either in our main living space with our themed works or in her bedroom. We had some more in the basket but they must have gone a-wondering.


An action shot of some mummy baby matching. She would often sort them into two groups, mummies and babies, then match them up.

Easter Story Basket


For Easter I put out this little basket of objects to explore the Easter story in a hands on way. We often paired this with a book about the Easter story.

Five Little Ducks Puzzles


Little Bean is puzzle made at the moment and I found this puzzle in a charity shop and thought it a good fit for spring. I don’t highlight the numbers unless she asks, but she does love the five little ducks song so we would often sing that after she had finished. Jigsaw puzzles are great for motor coordination, visual discrimination and logic and problem solving skills.

Spring Stickers


Some random stickers I found and some sheets of paper and, hey presto!, loads of fine motor, arty fun! Stickers are always a big hit.

And that’s it for spring. We are getting stuck into a flower theme for this month, spring might be over but the flowers are still looking glorious! Little Bean is loving them.

Peace, Nat

P.S. This post is linking up with Montessori Monday!

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