What’s on Our Montessori Shelves – Flowers

May was a horrendous month. The first half was super busy and the second half was full of sickness. In fact, some of us in the family are still harbouring bugs. As such, not much happened with the shelves, which is a shame because I had some ideas in the pipeline which I think Little Bean would have loved. In this post I will talk a bit about what we did get around to doing and also what I would have liked to do.

Little Bean is 2 and a half.

Flower Ribbon Cutting


This was a piece of fancy, flowery ribbon I found in my stash. Little Bean cut the ribbon into individual flowers. She also cut some green yarn into smaller pieces and the end goal was to glue these and the flowers down on some paper to make a garden picture, but we never got that far. I still have ambitions to get that picture done, hopefully soon! (The scissors pictured here are the Tonic studios kushgrip – UK link.)

Pressed Flower Samples


We have really enjoyed picking and pressing flowers throughout spring, our flower press has seen so much action these past couple of months! I really wanted Little Bean to be able to enjoy the pressed flowers so I decided to laminate them, so they could be enjoyed beyond just ripping them apart πŸ˜’. I’m really happy with how they turned out, they look better than they do in the photo! I also added labels as Little Bean has been a bit obsessed with letters and type recently so this adds some extra interest for her. And helps me remember the names, win win!

I had originally pressed and laminated a pair of each flower, with the hope of setting up a bit of matching work. I had also thought I might use theΒ flower matching cards from The Helpful Garden for some matching work. Neither of these things happened. *sigh*

Garden Beads


These beads are still featuring on our shelves, you can read more about these in myΒ previous post.

My First Garden Duplo Set


I try to avoid plastic but I do make some exceptions, and Duplo is one of those exceptions! We love Duplo in our house, it’s such a versatile and open ended toy. Construction toys in general are great for problem solving and planning skills as well as fine motor skills. Duplo is also great for imaginative play, and this garden set has provided opportunity to reinforce some of the conversations we’ve had about how plants grow and what they need. If you are a fan of Duplo, I would definitely recommend this set (UK link/US link).

Folding Work


Every time I start to fold laundry, Little Bean asks to help. Of course, being the Montessorian that I am, I let her get stuck in, demonstrating how to fold cloths and leggings and how to put her socks away. This is all great work for her and I am thrilled that she wants to help. However, it does kindda double my folding time, which is not so thrilling. I thought, seeing as she was so keen to learn how to fold, that I would put out a couple of flowery pillow cases for her to practice her folding technique. She worked with it a few times but quickly got bored, a reminder to me that, for us at least, practical life is best left in the day to day and not on the shelf. So here’s to more extra long laundry folding sessions πŸ˜‚ (that’s not me crying with laughter, that’s me laughing and crying at the same time).

Flower Study on the Nature Table


So I set up a nature table in May! Definitely my biggest accomplishment that month and I hope to be able to keep it going because it really does add to our space. With it being our month of flowers Little Bean and I went to the shop and she picked out some cut flowers to display. I let her do what she want with them, whether that be study them with the magnifying glass or completely destroy them. And I’m glad I did, some destroyed flowers were well worth it to see the joy on her face when she discovered the yellow powder in the iris and made the connection between that and the pollen we had read about in books! “It’s pollen!”, she shouted. 😍

The magnifying glass pictured here is from Plan Toys and it’s delightful.



What better way to learn about plants and flowers than with a bit of gardening. And by a bit, I mean a lot. It turns out Little Bean loves gardening, especially watering the plants. I hope to write a post soon about gardening and the intersection between practical life and science, watch this space!

Peace, Nat

P.S. This post is linking up withΒ Montessori Monday!

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