What’s on Our Montessori Shelves – Winter

It feels more wintery than ever here, just yesterday we had snow AGAIN and it’s so, so cold. But we live by the sea so the snow doesn’t really lie, you can call that a blessing or a curse depending on your own constitution! I know that Little Bean would certainly enjoy deeper snow to play in. Despite winter still going strong there is the odd sign here and there that spring actually still does exist and we are slowly starting to pack away our winter themed shelf work in favour of all things human body, following a current interest of Little Bean’s. Here’s a little look at the winter themed works we have been enjoying.

Little Bean is 3 years and 3 months.

Transferring Snowballs


Not real snowballs of course, that would be fun but a bit melty. These are white pom poms. I don’t regularly put out transferring works, preferring the natural transferring practice to be found in real practical life, but we don’t often come upon opportunities to use tweezers! They were certainly a draw. The ice cube tray would also be a good tool for reinforcing one-to-one correspondence for a younger child.

Cutting Basket


This may be more Christmassy than you might like for a winter themed work. I just threw in some leftover Christmas gubbins, wrapping paper, tinsel, ribbon, that sort of thing. You can also just see a pair of scissors peeking out. Cutting is definitely in in this household so I thought this would be a big hit, and it was but not because it contained the oh so revered scissors. This ended up being mostly used as a wrapping work for wrapping up various things that were nearby. I guess Little Bean was still enamoured with the idea of Christmas presents!

Snowflake Matching


This is a picture to picture matching activity made more interesting by the need for a magnifying glass. Picture to picture matching is a language work, the aim of which is to further develop a child’s visual discrimination skills. I actually purchased this file for the grand sum of $1 (roughly translating to 79p) from Montessori Journey. The magnifying glass is from Plan Toys and can be found at Babipur in the UK and on Amazon in the US.

Snowman Story Sequencing


Another language work, and this one I think was the most popular work available on the shelf (in fact, as I’m writing this she has asked me to get it back out of storage. Guess I was too quick to put this one away!). The cards can be laid out in sequence, showing the process of building a snowman, with a control chart for control of error. Each card has a short description underneath, which Little Bean often asked me to read after she had finished putting them in order. You can find this free printable, along with an explanation of the benefits of sequencing, on the North American Montessori Center blog.

We love winter, but I am so looking forward to spring bulbs and tree blossom. I’m definitely ready for a change in the seasons, how about you?

Peace, Nat.

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