Under the Christmas Tree

I looooove Christmas. It's a big thing for me. It would be all too easy for me to go crazy on the present front and completely overwhelm Little Bean. But we have made a concerted effort to try to only get a few thoughtful presents. We want her to be able to enjoy each gift, …

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Instagram Accounts to Fall in Love With

I've been meaning to speak about Instagram for a while, I am a total addict! For me it's been a wonderful place of inspiration, encouragement and motivation, a place where you can see families living out their lives, their hardships and their joys, and all the great stuff they are getting up to. There are …

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Raising a Montessori Toddler

There is one thing parents can be sure of when raising a toddler, that wherever they turn there will be a plethora of information to wade through. Whether it's weaning, potty training or sleeping, or montessori come to think of it. I tend more towards the downright obsessive when I get caught on a subject …

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